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This Gingerbread man skin was only available during Christmas 2021! The Christmas skins are some of the most difficult to come by. By being seasonally limited, a lot of them have ended up on the 50 rarest Fortnite skins. Gingy is fairly iconic though, even getting a back bling and many other accessories over the years. This might be partially down to his use by a popular streamer, Lazarbeam, who incorporated him into his Icons series skin.

This is a kind of weird skin that looks more like a weird shark. It definitely makes you stand out though. If you want to flex by being hard to miss yet still evading enemy fire, go for this one.


You could also buy rare Fortnite skins on the secondary market. However, this is against Epic’s rules and can be a bit risky. For those that came with a download code, it tends to work fine if you get a legitimate code. However, for those in the game, this would entail buying an account.

The rarest skin in Fortnite in 2021 is lost unless you’ve been playing for a while

Slight variations in color and shape might happen. This adds to the authenticity of each item, and is a result of the artist’s creative variations.


Midnight Ops is a rare skin that hasn’t been seen in the game in quite some time. While it might be a bit dull looking, it is pretty strange to see it out in the wild. The best Fortnite skins tend to have a bit more going on than this one, but it is a fun inclusion all the same.

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You can buy rare Fortnite skins if they come back into the item shop. You’re going to need to keep an eye on the item shop to see if any of these pops up. In recent months, Epic has been bringing back a lot of very rare skins. So it is worthwhile keeping an eye on the item shop.

This purple variety of skin was originally part of the Season 3 Battle Pass. It isn’t the most interesting skin out there, but it does demonstrate that you’ve been playing the game for a long time! Jonsey in a cosmonaut outfit is at least a stylistically cool entry to the rarest Fortnite skins in 2021. As a Battle Pass skin, once you missed this one it isn’t coming back. So, skins like Mission Specialist get rarer and rarer the longer the game goes on.


The Galaxy skin is currently the most expensive skin to date as it required the pre-order or purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Note or the Galaxy Tab S4. Players then needed to install Fortnite on the device and play 3 games. At which time, they were rewarded with the skin. This skin is rare because it was only available to Samsung customers. The skin went mainstream when Ninja was seen using it. It was a bit of an expensive one to grab though, so while this is one of the best Fortnite skins few people have it.

Fortnite is rather famous for giving its players a plethora of skin options. Such things, though purely cosmetic, do give the game a lasting appeal that further endears it to its fan base as well as popular culture in general. While the original flurry of skins that came early on wasn’t as ostentatious as the ones that followed suit, they are actually more sought-after simply due to the fact that they are much harder to come by.


If you return your item, the credit will be reversed. Combo-Oriented, Non-Targeted Combat. Nike Dual Fusion X Size UK10. Massive free-for-all Guild battles! The Cuddlepool's Bow Back Bling is bundled with this outfit. Shop for Best Price Buy Android Vpn And Cyberghost Vpn Key Generator. Fortnite Item Shop post!

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How to Buy a Fortnite Renegade Raider Account

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Epic Games' Fortnite

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This one was also part of a Battle Pass but didn’t unlock until quite far in. The astronaut-themed skins have all become quite rare since they came so early in the game. Battle Pass skins don’t come back, so they’re usually a good bet for the rarest Fortnite skins in 2021.

What is the Renegade Raider

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By being seasonally limited, a lot of them have ended up on the 50 rarest Fortnite skins

The Aeriel Assault Trooper was available in Season 1 only, making it a very rare skin. You were able to receive the skin after you reached level 15 and paid 1200 V Bucks. It hasn’t been seen in the shop since. This isn’t one of the most exciting Fortnite skins out there, but its rarity makes it one of the best.

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Jonsey in a cosmonaut outfit is at least a stylistically cool entry to the rarest Fortnite skins in 2021

This is another Epic tier skin that hasn’t been seen in the item store for some time. This one might make a reappearance in the future though; it isn’t the stuff of legend like the skins further down this list of the rarest Fortnite skins. Old pumpkin head makes a change from the constant tomatoes.


The Big Bad Wolf of Little Red Riding Hood lore makes this list. It was obtainable as a reward for reaching tier 100 on Season 6 Battle Pass. Or maybe it’s the dire wolves of Game of Thrones Legend.

Honor Guard is another hardware exclusive skin! This one came with the purchase of an HONOR View 20. This makes it similar to the Galaxy skin, but even more obscure since the brand is much less widely known. This is one of the rarest Fortnite skins in 2021, and it will probably keep this title for some time.


It’s selling to an America — and 17 other nations — of addicts. When Ross succeeds in placing an item about it on Gawker, the site blows up. From that moment on, he’s raking in $1/2 million digital dollars a day.

What are the Rarest Fortnite Skins

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Dark Fusion Dinner Plate

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The Dark Voyager character skin was obtainable as a reward for reaching Tier 70 during Fortnite Battle Pass Season 3 and is similar to an Astronaut set but with a black and orange theme to it instead of white. Being from quite a while ago and locked behind progress to level 70, this is one of the rare Fortnite skins that you don’t see often.

Can You Still Get it – This is a pretty important factor here. Skins that are still easily available aren’t going to be as rare as others. Whereas those that have been inaccessible for a while are.


Exquisitely-designed and artistically-handcrafted Dark Fusion dinner set. With a base of black glaze, this unique dinner set features different dark shades of blue, black, gray, and is highlighted with a gold metallic luster stripe. Metroid fusion rom hack.

These skins were inspired by Day of the Dead. They look pretty cool and are quite hard to find. A weird example of a skin that actually has a unique look becoming rare. These are two, but since they’re from the same limited set it is worth putting them in together rather than on their own.


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It can be tricky to find the ultimate 25 best Fortnite skins or even the rarest Fortnite skins

This isn’t the best way to play a game though, you do need some element of surprise! Despite this, crackshot is definitely one of the more fun looks and possibly one of the best Fortnite skins.


Axiom is a fun paraglider type of skin with a kind of superhero vibe. It hasn’t been in the shop for nearly 700 days. So it has been years since you were able to get access to this skin. This will make even a more dull skin very rare. Axiom might not be one that most players think about unlocking, but it is one of the harder to get skins at the moment.

2020 Ford Fusion Titanium

The Ghoul Trooper was returned to the store after being absent for a while. However, the original received a small change. This has led to two Ghoul Troopers being available in the game, each with a few unique elements, but both very rare.


John Lewis & Partners Fusion Dark Rattan Open Basket

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This skin is another one from Season 3. However, this one has made some returns. It isn’t as rare as some other Battle Pass exclusive skins, but you don’t see it all the time in the game.

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These skins are a fun addition to the best Fortnite skins. They’re from newer Battle Passes but have crazy unlock conditions. You have to go way beyond the normal Battle Pass tiers to unlock these. The top ones are genuinely hard to actually rack up the experience for, as Seasons only last for a certain amount of time. You’ll need to keep pushing the game to get the best possible level if you want to unlock the gold skins for new Battle Passes.


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The Skull Trooper, specifically the Purple Skull Trooper, is a rare skin. This is because the Purple version was only available to players who purchased the skin in 2021. The skin was re-released in 2021 with other variants. To compensate players who had previously held the rare skin, Epic introduced this version. It is exclusive to those who had Skull Trooper originally, making it a lot rarer than the normal version.

Was it From Outside of the Game – This is an important factor for some of the skins on this list. Those that needed a big outside purchase are considerably rarer.


Why settle for just any outfit when you can don a rare one? After all, it’s not just about winning, but also doing so with style! So strut your stuff on the battlefield with a rare Renegade Raider on Fortnite to let would-be opponents know you’ve got style and panache!

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Codename E.L.F. fortnite skin

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Until then, Fish bulb deserves his status as one of the rarest Fortnite skins in 2021

Available after purchasing the Season 2 Battle Pass, the Black Knight skin is a rare one indeed. You would have needed to reach Tier 70 to obtain this skin and it also came bundled with a cool back bling shield. Having this skin says you’ve been in the game for quite some time. The Black Knight skin is cool-looking skin that’s sure to get the attention of your foes.


The Renegade Raider outfit is a cosmetic upgrade that was made available in Fortnite’s Season Shop. It was a part of the coveted Storm Scavenger Set. Nowadays, it is considered a Rare type of outfit as only a select group of Fortnite players are in possession of it. Mau and Ssundee are among the most notable Fortnite players famous for using the Renegade Raider outfit. Being a part of the early iterations of Fortnite, people generally refer to it as an OG outfit. It also comes with a lava counterpart aptly named Blaze. Perhaps the best way to acquire it would be to cut right to the chase and simply buy a Renegade Raider Fortnite account of your own.

Cloudbreaker is another aerial-themed skin. This one is pretty clearly an old-school pilot. While on the simple side, this is a fun skin and one that a lot of players probably wouldn’t mind using. However, it is also one of the item shop skins that haven’t been around in quite a while. It hasn’t been seen in over 750 days, so it would be pretty hard to get your hands on.


To have this skin you would have needed to have been playing back in Season 2. It was also exclusive to a Battle Pass. This makes it really rare, and few players actually have this skin in the game.

Ulbricht was the subject of David Kushner’s 2021 Rolling Stone magazine piece “Dead End on Silk Road: Internet Crime Kingpin Ross Ulbricht’s Big Fall,” and when you read the article it’s easy to accept Ulbricht as a fascinating sexy-geek outlaw, even an emblematic figure of his generation, without pretending to like him. If anything, it just made the story more gripping that he was an opportunist, a junior tech-head megalomaniac, and an upper-middle-class hustler who was deluded (and vain) enough to think of himself as a freedom fighter.


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The Black Knight is unlikely to be available again, making it one of the rarest Fortnite skins in 2021

Bunny Brawler is a cute bunny skin that was released during the Easter holidays along with the Bunny Raider skin. The skin features an adorable one-piece pajama suit along with ears and bunny slippers, the whole shebang. Easter skins come back to the game pretty frequently and you recently had another chance to get this skin.

In a few years, this might be one of the rarest Fortnite skins

There isn’t too much else to it, but it is pretty rare in the game now. Some of the goofier rare skins have a real charm over the popularly seen ones. This one might not be the oldest skin on here, but it is one of the rarest Fortnite skins around at the moment.


This skin was a reward for the Season 6 Battle Pass. It complements the other half of the Red Riding Hood skin. It isn’t the most fear-inspiring skin, but it is rare enough to set you apart from the rest of the Battle Bus.

This one was unlocked at Tier 71 during the Season 6 Battle Pass. It isn’t the most unique skin in the world after some recent events, but it will turn a few heads. The rarest Fortnite skins aren’t always the most unique, but they are typically different.


Want to test your Fortnite knowledge? Take our quiz Can you name all these Fortnite Skins!

Best Fortnite Skins – The Rarest Skins Ever

This might look really boring, but it is one of the rarest skins in the entire game. It was released during Season 1. This season of the game didn’t really have many players and even fewer who were forking out money for skins. This has made it a boring yet really valuable skin.


This skin was added to the game in 2021, so it is hard to say it is the rarest skin overall. However, it was only available for April Fools Day. Given that this is an event skin, and a joke skin, it’s unlikely to return. Its design is based on a meme, but also a trending news topic at the time, it likely won’t be relevant enough to make sense in future April Fools. In a few years, this might be one of the rarest Fortnite skins.

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This skin was your reward for progressing through to Tier 100 of the Season 3 Battle Pass. This means you had to be playing early, and effectively. This is a fairly popular skin to see in loading screens, but rarer in the actual game. This is another iconic skin that Epic doesn’t bring out much anymore. There are a number of very similar skins though, which kind of makes this one feel less special.

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This was an Epic rarity skin that was released during Halloween 2021. It was part of Season 6, so while plenty of people were playing it had a short window of release. With glowing eyes, it is one of the more eye-catching skins of the 50 rarest Fortnite skins. Hollowhead hasn’t been seen since November 1st, 2021. This is definitely one of the rarest skins out there.

This skin was bundled exclusively with the Xbox One. This is a bit of an issue for a lot of players since you would have to purchase a brand-new games console to get access to it! It makes you resemble a kind of all-white robot. It isn’t the rarest skin out there, but definitely has a high barrier to entry.


The Renegade Raider account for sale that you’ve been looking for may very well be there

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This one might not be the oldest skin on here, but it is one of the rarest Fortnite skins around at the moment

The Sgt Green Clover skin was last seen during the St. Patrick’s 2021. This one does come back to the game whenever St Patrick’s day comes back around.


The skins that coincide with holidays are often the rarest Fortnite skins in 2021

Tomato Head has remained an iconic part of Fortnite, even on the Chapter 2 map there are hints of his former prominence over the entire game. Everybody loved Tomato Town, so what better to remember it than with this now rare skin? This is one of the rarest skins in Fortnite in 2021, even if everyone knows tomato head.

Backbone is a fun biker skin that hasn’t been seen in the shop in over 800 days. There might be some cultural reasons why this Fortnite skin hasn’t been released in a while. While bikers are a feature of pop culture in a lot of the world, in some places they carry a more negative and gang-related connotation. In a game that sometimes gets criticized for its child audience and subject matter, this skin might be missing for a reason.