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PROGRESSION OF THE AUCTION: Auctions are typically uploaded to the HiBid Auction Platform 3-5 days before the auction is scheduled to end. Each Auction will have a scheduled time that each auction's items will begin closing. If an auction starts closing on a Wednesday night at 5 PM the first lot will be scheduled to close at that time. Depending on the quantity of items in the Auction lots may be scheduled to end anywhere between 5 to 30 seconds apart. Each lot will show a scheduled ending time. If no one bids in the final minute before a lot is scheduled to close that lot will close out. If someone bids within the final minute before that lot is scheduled to close, 1 Extra minute will be added to that lot and that lot only to allow additional time for people to bid. The remaining lots behind that lot will continue to close as scheduled unless someone bids in the last minute on that specific lot as well. This is done to prevent a bidder from 'sniping', all bids made in the last minute of the auction will force an item to stay open for an additional 1 minute. Banjo1 hack 9 8. This gives the back bidder additional time to increase his/her bid if desired.

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Maybe it was removed because people use it too much to be annoying. Kinda like pan scouts ear raping their team in a stack.

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EPadronU/balin - Balin is a browser automation library for Kotlin. It's basically a Selenium-WebDriver wrapper library inspired by Geb.

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Ehsunshine/colored-time-selector - A smart colored time selector. Users can select just free time with a handy colorful range selector.


Kotlin 1.0.1 is Here

The Black Market: 21/0/0. Use the specified adapter only. I have a passion for the mixing process and take a lot of pride in every mix that I work on. Metin2 Multi Version Hack (full report) By Banjo.

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Qwertukg/SeleniumBuilder - DSL for Selenium 2/0. Provide a possibility to write tests in Kotlin builder style.

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SubiyaCryolite/jds - Jenesis Data Store: a dynamic, cross platform, high performance, ORM data-mapper. Designed to assist in rapid development and data mining.


Cheating isn't the only way some endgame players are getting huge advantages. Players who managed to get to the level cap in a matter of hours were able to amass giant numbers of "phoenix credits," used to buy endgame gear. Ubisoft nerfed the drop rate for the credits, but that only served to draw a big line between those who were able to grab as many as they want and those who didn't get to level 30 until after the nerf. On top of that, one particular SMG has a bonus that allows you to use some of the game's most powerful skills in a way that makes you nigh on invincible, so expect a nerf on that soon.

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Ktorio/ktor - Web backend framework for Kotlin. Easy to use, fun and asynchronous.


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