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If you are running Windows 7 or later, then you may have run into an odd behavior in your Windows experience. If you’re running a program that uses sound, you may have noticed the volume of your sound is automatically reduced when you run certain programs, such as Skype (site here) or games with audio chat channels. Tqit patch 117a skype.

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  • Home computer networks often use the third IP address in a range
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This can be very frustrating and many users have been really upset at this seemingly random volume reduction problem. As it happens, it’s not random and it’s easy to fix. In this article, I will show you why this happens, and how to stop it from happening again.


Most networks assign private IP addresses dynamically using DHCP. Attempting to assign 192/168/1.3 to a device manually, using a fixed or static address assignment, is also possible but not recommended on home networks because of the risk of an IP address conflict. Many home network routers have 192/168/1.3 in their DHCP pool by default, and they do not check whether that IP address has already been assigned to a client manually before assigning it to a client automatically. In the worst case, two different devices on the network are assigned 192/168/1.3—one manually and the other automatically—resulting in failed connection issues for both devices.

Computers and other devices that support Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) receive their IP address automatically from a router. The router decides which address to assign from the range it is set up to manage. When the router is set up with a network range between 192/168/1.1 and 192/168/1.255, it takes one address for itself—usually 192/168/1.1—and maintains the rest, or a portion of the remaining addresses, in a pool. Normally the router assigns these pooled addresses in sequential order, starting with 192/168/1.2, then 192/168/1.3, then 192/168/1.4, and so on, although the order is not guaranteed.


Once you have made the switch to a local account, you need to sign off and on again. When you now visit the Windows Store, you should be asked to enter a Microsoft Account username and password to sign in to the store. Once you have done that, application installs should work again. You can now also switch to a Microsoft Account again with losing the functionality.

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You can either turn it back to u0022Do Nothingu0022 every time you open an app, or you can select the option to reduce the volume by 50% to lessen the impact. Either way, several users have reported that the volume settings revert whenever restarting an app.


First thing I noticed was that the your apps listing did not display any apps when I tried to open it. When you are in store, you right-click and select Your Apps from the top menu. If you get an error message, you know something is not right with the linked Windows Live account.

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This may not be the fasted way to fix the store error, but it did work for me, and it is likely working for you as well. When you are in the store, right-click and select Change PC settings in the lower right corner of the screen.


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A device with IP address 192/168/1.3 dynamically assigned may be reassigned a different address if it is kept disconnected from the local network for a long enough time period. The length of time, called a lease period in DHCP, varies depending on the network configuration but is often two or three days. Even after the DHCP lease expires, a device is likely to receive the same address the next time it joins the network, unless other devices have also had their leases expire.