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When stopped, occupy positions that offer cover and concealment; dig in and camouflage vehicles that are exposed. When moving, use covered and concealed routes.

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The emplacing unit is responsible for marking a scatterable minefield (Figure 10-6). This requires direct coordination between the owning maneuver unit and the delivering or emplacing unit. This requirement specifically applies to MOPMS, Volcano (ground-delivered), and Raptor/Hornet minefields. Minefields should be marked on four sides if emplaced to the rear of any friendly unit, including reconnaissance elements and other units that may require a rearward passage of lines (RPOL).


The primary mission of attack helicopter units is to destroy armor and mechanized forces. Employing attack helicopters in combined arms operations increases the lethality of ground maneuver forces.

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Fire planning for the company mortars should complement these plans; the primary constraint is normally ammunition availability and rapid resupply ability. Care must be taken to ensure that planning focuses on the critical fire support requirements identified by the company commander.

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Obstacle intent provides a simple framework for the commander to issue guidance and facilitates common understanding and coordination between maneuver and engineer forces. It is at the foundation of the obstacle integration process and includes three components: target, obstacle effect, and relative location.


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Artillery fire and mortars can be combined to cover targets. For example, mortars can fire illumination while artillery fires high explosives or DPICMs. The company commander must ensure his company employs each system (mortars, artillery, and direct fire) when and where it has the greatest effect on the enemy.

Snipers may operate in support of the antiarmor company for specific missions. They are most effective when tasked to destroy specific enemy targets and when allowed to operate with few restrictions.


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The Raptor/Hornet wide area mine introduces an entirely new obstacle concept to the combined-arms team. The Raptor/Hornet is an integrated C2/top-attack special munition that type-categorizes, reports, and engages individual vehicles (Figure 10-5). The Raptor is a "smart" remote combat outpost that can provide the force with near-real-time situational understanding and can command and control multiple Hornet mines in a fully integrated obstacle network. It can be programmed to command and control coordinated attacks with other Raptor-controlled minefields or with direct and indirect fire weapons systems. The Raptor/Hornet can be deactivated, allowing freedom of maneuver through the minefield while still providing near-real-time intelligence and situational understanding. The Raptor/Hornet has standoff detection and engagement capabilities. It attacks from the side or top at ranges up to 100 meters.

Final protective fires are immediately available planned fires that block enemy movement, especially dismounted infantry approaching defensive lines or areas. These areas are integrated with defensive plans. The pattern of FPF plans may be varied to suit the tactical situation; they are drawn to scale on the target overlay. The dimension of an FPF is determined by the number and type of weapon used to fire on it (Figure 10-2). The company commander (or platoon leader) is responsible for the precise location of FPFs.


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The company receives supporting fires from the battalion mortars. The battalion order designates the priority of fires and allocates priority targets. The company commander considers his priority within the battalion plan. If he is first in priority, his calls for fire take precedence over all other battalion units. This may allow the commander to depend less on the field artillery battalion. Also, the company commander must understand the risks involved; for example, the priority of fires may change. The infantry battalion commander should be aware that the antiarmor company has no assigned mortars, but has a fire support vehicle (FSV) equipped with a G/VLLD. If a priority target is allocated to the company, the company commander plans to employ it when and where it will be most useful to achieve the desired effects.

Internal smoke capabilities consist of company mortars and smoke pots. Smoke pots are the commander's primary means of producing small-area screening smoke. Gunship battle hack apk. An external smoke platoon is required for long-term, large-area obscuration. If attached, the smoke platoon has the capability of providing both hasty smoke and large-area smoke support for tactical operations in the main battle (go to my blog) area.


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The SBCT and its battalions, squadron, or other supporting units provide the SBCT antiarmor company with combat support. Support can include fires from an infantry battalion mortar platoon or reconnaissance troop mortar section, or fires from field artillery, and tactical aircraft. The SBCT RSTA squadron and engineer company or the infantry battalion reconnaissance platoon may also support an antiarmor unit.


Can communicate with its employing unit for remote on/off/on or program and battlespace intelligence reporting. The battlespace intelligence data may include target descriptions, numbers, and the direction and rate of movement. It can also provide an early warning of the enemy's activity.

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Step 3—Move quickly to covered and concealed positions and stop. Vehicles freeze their movement for at least 60 seconds after the last flight of aircraft has passed.


Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition Squadron. The RSTA squadron answers the brigade commander's PIR, fills voids in information, and helps a commander to develop understanding within the area of operations by serving as a primary source of combat information. The squadron contains three reconnaissance troops, each of which includes Javelins and a 120-mm mortar section. The squadron's surveillance troop incorporates a UAV platoon, a multi-sensor platoon, signal intelligence and ground sensor, and an NBC reconnaissance platoon. The squadron can simultaneously reconnoiter nine routes or conduct surveillance of 18 named areas of interest on a continuous 24-hour cycle.

The nature of operations makes route clearance a likely task at all levels. Route clearance is a combined-arms operation normally assigned to an infantry battalion or company that is task-organized with engineers and other CS and CSS assets as required.


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Mobility Planning in the Defense. Mobility operations in the defense ensure the ability to reposition forces, delay, and counterattack. Because of the mobile, offensive nature of the force, mobility planning is a key component of any defensive scheme of maneuver. The commander analyzes the scheme of maneuver, obstacle plan, and terrain to determine mobility requirements.

The method of control should reflect the degree of synchronization required. While time-on-target controls the precise timing of fires, it reduces flexibility in the firing units and can result in fewer missions being fired over a given period of time.


Mine dumps normally contain resources for a single obstacle group but may contain resources for individual obstacles if the distances between obstacles in a group are excessive and would potentially waste an inordinate amount of transportation time. The company commander, in coordination with the supporting engineer, locates the mine dump(s) where it best supports obstacle construction within the AO. If a company is assigned more than one obstacle group, it may have more than one mine dump. In light of the austere engineer organization within the force, it is imperative that the companies provide leadership and manpower to operate the mine dump, allowing engineers to construct tactical obstacles more efficiently. This requires close coordination with the supporting engineer.

The leader (normally the company commander or a platoon leader) in whose area the FPF is located has the authority to call for the FPF. The FPF has the highest priority of any target assigned to a fire support means. The FPF is only fired when required to repel the enemy's assault. Premature firing wastes ammunition and allows the enemy to avoid the impact area.

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The FSO can monitor three of four possible radio nets. The company's mission and priority determine the specific nets.


Once the company commander (or platoon leader) has developed and coordinated the fire support plan, the unit should rehearse the plan. As the unit rehearses the maneuver, it rehearses the fire plan. The target list is executed as the maneuver is conducted; fires are requested (though not actually executed by the firing units) just as they would be during the operations. Under ideal circumstances, FPF can be adjusted during the rehearsal. Rehearsals on the terrain reveal any problems in visibility, communications, and coordination of the fire support plan. Conduct rehearsals under degraded conditions (at night and in mission-oriented protective posture (MOPP) 4 to make sure the unit can execute the plan in all circumstances.

The company FSO, accompanied by the fire support specialist, moves with the company commander. He brings two radios and the handheld terminal unit (HTU).


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In addition to providing the specific guidance outlined in the observation plan, the commander (or platoon leader) must ensure that each observer understands the target task and purpose for which they are responsible. For example, observers must understand that once the first round impacts, the original target location is of no consequence; rather, they must orient on the targeted enemy force to ensure that fires achieve the intended battlefield purpose.

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The company commander (or platoon leader) can use the information in Tables 10-3 and 10-4 as a guide to determine the trigger location in relation to the target area. Table 10-3 lists the time required for the enemy force to move a specified distance at a specified rate of march. Table 10-4 lists the response time required by field artillery assets to prepare for and fire various types of support missions.


At the tactical level, overmatching mobility is critical to the success of the force. Within this context, the emphasis of engineer integration across the force is on mobility operations. Due to the full-spectrum capability of the company and the increasingly nonlinear, asymmetric nature of the enemy, the potential exists for the company to encounter a wide variety of existing and reinforcing obstacles. To counter this potential threat, the company commander plans, organizes, and prepares to perform mounted and dismounted mobility tasks using the full range of organic and augmentation mobility assets.

The Accuracy of the Delivery System. There are many variables that impact on the accuracy of the weapon. The FSO has the technical knowledge to assist the commander. Artillery and mortars are area weapons systems, which means that every round fired from the same tube impacts in an area around the target or aiming point. This dispersion is greater in length than in width. The weather conditions (wind, temperature, and humidity), the condition of the weapon, and the proficiency of the crew also affect the accuracy.


Step 2—Deploy or take the appropriate actions. If the unit is not in the direct path of an attacking aircraft, the commander (or platoon leader) orders vehicles to seek cover and concealment and halt with at least a 100-meter interval between vehicles. The unit also may be ordered to continue moving as part of the higher organization.

If a scatterable antiarmor mine lands and activates on its side and self-destructs, the resulting detonation may cause the shaped-charge to travel along a horizontal trajectory. The maximum fragment hazard zone for all US SCATMINE systems is approximately 640 meters. However, the acceptable risk distance is 235 meters from the outer edges of the minefield's safety zone for troops in the open (Table 10-11).


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Battalion Reconnaissance Platoon. The battalion reconnaissance platoon is organized and equipped for reconnaissance—not to seize or retain terrain. Its primary missions are to reconnoiter and screen. When the reconnaissance platoon is operating near the antiarmor company, the commander may communicate with the platoon leader via FM, FBCB2, or he may use visual signals. Necessary signals and contact procedures are arranged between the antiarmor company commander and the reconnaissance platoon leader. If reconnaissance elements must pass through the company (or vice versa), contact points, passage points, passage lanes, guides, and procedures must be arranged. The reconnaissance platoon may be attached to the company for a counterreconnaissance mission. The reconnaissance teams serve as the commander's eyes and ears on the battlefield. They provide continuous battlefield information on operations; they should only use their organic weapons in self-defense.

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The company commander must ensure the FSO clearly understands the intent for maneuver and fires support. He identifies the role of fire support in the scheme of maneuver (when, where, what, and why) by explaining to the FSO in detail the concept of the operation, scheme of maneuver, and tasks for fire support.


The close combat attack technique does not replace the integrated decision-making process between ground maneuver and aviation elements. It is a technique for directing lethal fires within the context of a preplanned mission.

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If time or conditions do not permit full-scale rehearsals, key leaders can meet, preferably at a good vantage point, and brief back the plan. They can use a sand table depiction of the terrain. Each player explains what he does, where he does it, and how he plans to overcome key-leader casualties. The fire support plan execution is integral to this process and is rehearsed in exactly the same way.

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The company commander must understand the command or support relationships established between his company and other units. Command relationships define command responsibility and authority. Support relationships define the purpose, scope, and effect desired when one capability supports another. For more detailed information, see FM 5-0 (101-5).

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Fire support planning is conducted concurrently with maneuver planning at all levels. Battalions and brigades typically use top-down fire support planning, with bottom-up refinement of the plans.

The engineer company serves as the SBCT's primary means for mobility. Contingencies requiring survivability and construction will require the SBCT to be augmented with additional engineer assets. The company consists of three line platoons and one support platoon.


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The antiarmor company (or platoon) may receive support from the engineer platoon supporting the battalion or from the assigned engineer company in the SBCT. The company may also receive support from air defense and nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance, smoke, and decontamination units supporting the higher headquarters.

Crews can fire at any air target not positively identified as friendly. This is the least restrictive weapons control status level.


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The battalion FSO or the company FSO (if available) does most of the company (or platoon) fire support planning; however, the FSOs may receive targets and target information from platoon leaders and the brigade fire support coordinator (FSCOORD) (or SBCT effects coordinator [ECOORD]). The company commander, platoon leader, or FSO should not plan too many targets.

The company (or platoon) may conduct operations with any of several types of intelligence assets. In stability and support operations, for example, interrogation or counterintelligence teams may work in DS of the company. While conducting security operations, the team may receive attached intelligence assets, such as ground surveillance radar (GSR) or improved remotely monitored battlefield sensor system (IREMBASS) teams. In most situations, however, attachment of intelligence assets to the company will be rare. More commonly, these assets will be operating in or near the company's area of operations; they will be attached to or in DS or GS of the battalion, brigade, or division.


Operational decontamination support is not available at the company level. For operational decontamination, the company (or platoon) must request support from the battalion decontamination team. Thorough decontamination operations require the support of an external decontamination platoon. The company (or platoon) must request this support through the higher headquarters' S3 section.

Effective indirect fire support often requires artillery and mortar fires near friendly infantry soldiers. These close supporting fires are most commonly FPFs in a defensive operation and are suppression or obscuration fires to support an assault on an enemy position. A safe integration of fires and maneuver this close demands careful planning, coordination, and knowledge of the supporting weapons.


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The weapons control status (WCS) describes the relative degree of control in effect for air defense fires. It applies to all weapons systems. The weapons control status is dictated in the higher unit's OPORD and may be updated based on the situation. There are three levels of weapons control.

A standard target is an area about 200 meters in width. The symbol for a standard target is a cross. It may be canted if several targets are close to each other, or if the symbol might be mistaken as a grid intersection. The intersection of the lines marks the center of the target.


The RAAM mine has a cylindrical shape and provides a full-width or catastrophic kill. Using a magnetically influenced fuse, the mine projects a bi-directional, shaped-charge warhead through the crew compartment of a vehicle.

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The military intelligence company (MICO) provides analysis and ISR analysis integration functions to support the development of the SBCT commander's common operational picture (COP), targeting and effects, and IPB. It operates as an extension of the SBCT S2 staff for the management of internal and external collection assets.

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The systems that may operate in and adjacent to the company AO are Stinger MANPADS and the Avenger, Linebacker, and BSFV (Table 10-12). The Avenger, BSFV and Linebacker systems can operate as Stinger MANPADS teams. The battalion is normally task-organized with an air defense platoon equipped with MANPADS- or Avenger-equipped units. Linebacker- or BSFV-equipped units may be present if the battalion (or SBCT) is fighting as part of a heavy organization. The company may have an air defense section moving with it; however, this section normally remains part of the air defense platoon, responsible for providing DS or GS coverage to higher units.


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A target can be personnel, vehicles, materiel, or terrain that is designated and numbered for reference or firing. Every target can be classified as either a target of opportunity (appears during combat, no attack has been planned) or a planned target (fire is prearranged). Individually planned targets may be further subdivided into either scheduled or on-call targets. A scheduled target is a planned target to be attacked at a specified time. An on-call target is a planned target on which fire is delivered when requested.

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The SBCT has an assigned field artillery battalion. Three batteries of M-198 towed 155-mm artillery provide the brigade with fire support. Each battery has four guns assigned for a total of 12 artillery pieces in the SBCT.

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