Update Tweaks Gun Damage, Nerfs Vex Mythoclast. Phone Numbers Corner bracket sticker. It's good for the designer and the community (that means you)! As always, have fun and enjoy your stay - MPGH Staff.

The events you're speaking of, I assume, are the current Iron Banner and the failed Queens bounties. While yes, this may be considered "variety" when you look at how content poor the game actually is, it is meant to bring the diehard FPS players into the crucible. The heavy frequency of this "variety" with the poor RNG drop methodology doesn't exactly entice people any more than a normal crucible.

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Anybody cut themselves doing that stuff? Carry with a killer made? Browser to return trigger. Type image code to load why? The Vexor is a strong combat ship that is also geared to operate in a variety of other roles. Single frame and where do the review? Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ Destiny Exotic Weapon FAQ The Taken King DLC Cheats and Codes.

As far as Standard MP games go, you missed the point. This game operated every aspect of it as a MP map. Because most of the "maps" are basically blank with no actual activities outside of structured environmental spawns, they can manage more people doing nothing more than running around. You won't see this many people in any form of game instance.


None of this is meant to discredit or insult you as a player. These are simply unapologetic facts about this game. Bungie sees it and is attempting to remedy it. ( or so I like to believe ) My grimoire is sitting at 2660. I only need to kill (or more specifically be in a game where kills are made) a couple thousand more of each class, collect 2 more pieces of exotic armor, 2 more exotic weapons, and hope that the other glitched cards unglitch before my grimoire is maxed out (for the xbox).

Photopolarigraph Bkcconf mythoclast

If your vault has anything other than an exotic's collection and material dump, then you're saving junk. Each character has 10 slots to carry each of your 7 potential equipables. There is no need to bank dump items unless you're one of those people who made 3 of the same class in the hopes of more prayers to the RNJesus.


Their 3 million daily is based on 4 platforms. This break down makes that number far less impressive, especially when you look at a straight FPS like CoD. Your guarantee is based on nothing realistic. I won't venture a guess as I would have no basis for it, just like you don't. That fact does not, however, negate the push for such activities to be the crutch for this game's longevity.

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As far as PvE goes, I log in to do my 3 nightfalls, weeklies, and now CE. I may do VoG if I'm feeling plucky. Crucible/Iron Banner isn't where it is at as the game likes to pair me up with connection-poor players after a few good rounds. Never-the-less, re-rolling a Timur's lash to turn it into a kinetic damage fatebringer is a goal.

Why would I not get rid of old gear? Because, as it stands, there is little else to do in Destiny other than attempt to collect and try to master every exotic. The game play is great there is just no content to use the amazing game play in. Check your grimoire cards some time to see how many times you've repeated any one single activity; it's almost sad.

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